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House of Kane would like to say a very fond farewll to Spencer Jones, our bass player for the last 4 years! We wish Spencer well in his future projects and welcome Ady Bindley, on bass and vocals.

CONRAD PIZEY (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar)
Ex-Incubus . . . no need to get excited . . . . not the Incubus . . . . it was a while before them but we did reach No2 in the Melody Maker HM Charts. Seems like the last few years have been such a welcome relief for me. I devoted my time playing rock when it was just so unfashionable . . . not that its ever been a fashion thing, but you know what I mean. I am relieved to say I now have some influences from bands that are only approaching dinosaurdom - In Flames, The Darkness, Muse; as well as the classics - AC/DC, Led Zep, Deep Purple. Conrad uses ADA and Sansamp amps + Gibson and Aria Guitars + his very own throat.

I have a great love of animals and the sound of electric guitar. Early influences include classic British and German metal acts such as Accept, Priest and UFO. Although my more modern tastes are broad, I prefer the prospect of bringing my chosen style up to date in a manner of my own choosing.

ADY Bindley (Bass and Backing Vocals)
Hailing originally from Market Harborough, Ady moved to the Westcountry a few years ago and was quickly immersed in the music scene. Ady's talents extend to the cello and even occasional stints with a ceilidh band. But his first love is kicking out his trademark powerhouse rock bass lines in House of Kane's killer rhythm section. Ady has played with many bands over the years such as Dirty Duvet and Nation X; he endorses Gibson and Wal basses and Markbass amplification.

The sound of drums evokes the rhythm of life itself, and I've always enjoyed the thrill and visceral impact that drums bring to live rock. Its so much more than just percussion . . . . . Anyway, Bonham or Moony? 'Gotta be Bonzo every time for me and Led Zep, AC/DC, The Police, Genesis (up to 'And Then there were three') and UFO seem to remain enduring favourites. Truly astonishing bands continue to emerge - and currently Breed 77, Rammstein, Airbourne and Pendulum are top of the minidisc pile at home, among many others. It's a living thing!

Paul's gear: Yamaha Beech Custom drums with Evans heads, a carefully selected range of Zildjian Custom A's, Sabian splashes and a Paiste signature ride, brought to life with Vic Firth 5AN stix, with Sennheiser, Shure and Beyer microphones.

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